About Us

As a life student of all things Saxophone I was always on the look out for "that perfect Mouthpiece". I came across a review on 'Kanee Mouthpieces' by Steve Neff and thought, "I must give these a try". I was so impressed with the quality and price, I contacted Yu at Kanee with a view to selling them, and after some discussion Yu kindly sent me a range of samples. I was very excited by these Mouthpieces and took them to Paul Carrington (woodwind technician) and professional Saxophonist, Jan Kopinski. Jan and Paul's reactions were so positive I became the UK distributor.

Having received such great feedback from so many people (selling through Ebay and by word of mouth), I wanted to make these Mouthpieces available to as many people as possible, so have set up this website, I hope to compliment the Mouthpieces with Ligatures, Reeds and other accessories in the near future.

Kanee Mouthpieces have received some excellent reviews from a number of professional Saxophonists,  including: Steve Neff, Jan Kopinski, Randy Hunter, Kestutis Vaiginis, Marcos Contreras and Dr/Prof Rick VanMatre.

"Set up in 2004, 'Kanee' is owned & managed by Yu Mao, Yu is a Saxophone lecturer at a Chinese University.